Mckenzie River Nursery
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Stop by and see our selection often. We always have new plants for every season!

What's in bloom now?

Pansies and Violas  
Broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, onions starts  
Blueberries, strawberries  
Rhodies and azaleas
Hanging Baskets  
Wave Petunias  
Proven Winner Plants  
Summer annuals  
Flowering Kale and Cabbage  
Winter pansies and violas  

Hanging BasketsHanging baskets are what we do best. We grow and sell baskets that range in size from 10” (small) all the way up to our 10 gallon “City Baskets” that hang in the Walterville Shopping Center each summer.

For sunny locations we use primarily petunias, verbena, sweet potato vine, million bells, and bacopa. If you have a shady location we suggest fuchsias, impatiens and begonias.

Bearded IrisBearded Iris are spectacular May bloomers that will thrive in almost any climate. At McKenzie River Nursery we grow more than 100 varieties of iris in a rainbow of colors. Stop by and walk through our iris garden when the iris are in bloom. We have blooming potted iris for sale at the nursery.

TomatoesTomatoes!! Who doesn’t love fresh homegrown tomatoes? We grow over 50 varieties of tomato transplants for sale. Each year we grow 15 to 20 varieties in our test garden and can suggest those that would do best for your location. Heirlooms, cherries, beefsteak, early or late - we’ve got them.

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